Veterinary Scales Combo - 22" x 44" and 12" x 16"

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Price $1,149.00

Series 320 and 620

Product Code Capacity & Resolution Platform Size Price
COMBO-VET   22" x 44" and 12" x 16" $1149.00
320-VET-SMALL 500 lb x .1lb 20" x 27" $749.00
320-VET 500 lb x .1 lb 22" x 44" $849.00
320-VET-LARGE 500 lb x .1 lb 27" x 60" $949.00
620L-VET 50 lb x 0.01 lb 12" x 16" $599.00
620T-VET 25 lb x 0.005 lb 12" x 16" $599.00
620X-VET 10 lb x 0.002 lb 12" x 16" $599.00

Veterinary Scales Combo

Arlyn's 320-VET starts with the exact same construction used for our low profile heavy duty industrial scales - a welded aluminum frame with heat treated stainless steel load cells. This provides a durable non-corrosive platform that is light in weight, inexpensive to ship, and easy to move. A non-slip rubber mat is included. The full-featured digital indicator provides 1" high block graphics numbers for quick and easy reading, up to 500 lb. The "Weight Average and Hold" function will accurately weigh an animal, even when it is moving around.

Our 620-VET is great for accurately weighing small animals, reptiles and birds. It shares the same electronic features as our large scale. And for a complete solution to all your weighing needs, we now offer, at a reduced cost,a "Combo Package" consisting of both of the scale platforms with a single digital indicator.

Rugged Lightweight and Portable Platform (320-VET-SMALL, 320-VET, 320-VET-LARGE)

500 lb x 0.1 capacity. 22" x 44" (Other Platform Sizes and Capacities Available) Scale weighs only 24 lb. Very easy to move and store. Only 1 7/8" high. Easy for animals to step onto scale. Non-slip rubber mat included.

Includes both the 320-VET and 620-VET scale platforms with a single digital indicator. This allows animals of all different sizes to be accurately weighed.

No Moving Parts

Four stainless steel load cells embedded in welded frame for maximum shock and abuse resistance

Water Resistant

Sealed display housing and load sensors.

Large Display

1" high block graphics digits and stainless steel swivel mount for easy viewing from any angle.

Extremely Accurate

Excellent weight resolution of 0.1 lb


Veterinary Scales Combo - 22" x 44" and 12" x 16"

Veterinary Scales Combo - 22" x 44" and 12" x 16"

Price $1,149.00

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