Digital Scale Indicators for Industrial Scales (MKE-5)

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Price $349.00
  • Series MKE-5

    Product Code Price
    MKE-5 $349
    MKE-5-SS Stainless steel NEMA 4x $549

Indicators for Digital Scales (MKE-5): High Precision and Easy to Use

The key task for a Digital Scale Indicator is to show accurate weight values. Coupling that with an intuitive, graphic interface produces a winning product. Our full function keypad enables alphanumeric data input, while the large graphic display gives easy to read results. A variety of communication options allows data to be sent to and received from other computerized instruments. See the instruction manual for full details.

Water Resistant

Highly water resistant injection molded enclosure. Rubber gasket helps seal out moisture. Optional stainless steel enclosure also available.

Easy to See

Stainless steel swivel bracket allows the display to be seen from any angle. The bracket may be mounted in a convenient spot on a post, or desk or wall.

Large Internal Memory

More than 100 values can be stored for tare weights, piece counts, and other parameters.

Communication choices

The modern industrial environment is interconnected. All Arlyn Digital Indicator is available with a wide variety of industry standard communication options including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and RS-232.

Clear Menu Interface 

All choices are prompted from the graphical display. 

Digital Scale Indicators for Industrial Scales (MKE-5)

Digital Scale Indicators for Industrial Scales (MKE-5)

Price $349.00

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