Frequently Asked Questions


Can special scales be provided for special requirements? How about special sizes?
  Because we manufacture our own scales, we are well equipped to provide many special features, capacities, platform sizes, and a wide variety of other special needs. Special software may be provided for your interfacing requirements. Please be sure to contact our sales people at 800-645-4301, to discuss how we may be able to solve your weighing problems.
Can the scales be washed down?
  Most of the scales are provided with stainless steel load sensors. In this case, the platform of the scale can be carefully washed. We do not suggest that the scale be immersed. The digital indicators are housed in a gasketed, sealed enclosure. They too may be carefully washed or sponged. But high pressure streams of water should be avoided. Many of the scales may be ordered with stainless steel construction for full wash down capability.
How do I choose the right Parts Counting Scale for my application?
  Parts counting is always a tradeoff between the sensitivity and the capacity of your scale. First you should identify the lightest part that you may wish to count. As a rule of thumb, for best accuracy, the resolution of the scale should be as small, or smaller than that lightest part. Now you can choose a scale with a capacity that will meet your requirements that also has the required resolution.
How do the Large Floor Scales (Series 5200) stack up against the competition?
  Arlyn Series 5200 Large Floor Scales have a combination of the best features with the most attractive price. They include stainless steel load sensors for rugged and durable operation. The digital indicator features 1" high graphics LCD digits for easy viewing from across a room. It includes metric conversion, tare buttons, and 450 memory locations for retrieval of information. The welded platform is very rugged, and is coated with a 3 part galvanize epoxy coating for protection from rust. Most other brands either use a spray enamel paint or a powder coat.
How long will the optional battery pack last?
  The optional internal rechargeable battery pack will power the scale for about 20 hours on a charge. When the digital indicator is plugged into a wall outlet, the battery will recharge in about 4 hours. There are a number of factors which will impact the scale run time, including the temperature of the environment, and the age of the scale. The battery pack itself includes premium nickel metal hydride batteries, so there is no concern with the “memory effect” of the nickel cadmium type.
If your scale should happen to need repair, what is the typical “turn-around” time?
  Arlyn Scales targets a turn-around time of 24 hours or less in our repair department. There are certain situations which may impact this target, such as a customer problem that is difficult to duplicate, or only occurs under certain circumstances. Typically, for both warranty and non-warranty repairs, the Arlyn Service Department will be able to get you up and running faster than a local service organization, and for a much, much lower cost.
What is the advantage in purchasing scales and weighing equipment from Arlyn Scales?
  Industrial weighing equipment has traditionally been purchased from distributors and dealers, who specialize in industrial scales. Arlyn Scales bypasses this sales channel, offering our equipment direct from our factory, and in doing so, passes along 30%-50% in cost savings to you.
What is the benefit of stainless steel load sensors?
  Especially in the lower cost scales on the market, most load sensors are fabricated from aluminum, or in some cases, plated steel. Arlyn uses stainless steel because the material is much tougher, is more corrosion resistant, and is much more durable. This means that you are less likely to damage your scale due to shock load or overload, and you will get more trouble free years of service.
Where are the Arlyn brand scales manufactured?
  Arlyn’s factory is located on Long Island, New York, USA. The scales, and all of the components of these scales, are manufactured here. We manufacture our own load sensors, our own circuit boards, and our own platform assemblies. By doing so, we can provide you with the very best quality product, at the lowest possible cost. In some special cases, some of the items may be sourced elsewhere for best efficiency.
Why are Arlyn Scales so inexpensive?
  Because you buy direct from our factory, we pass along the cost savings to you. But the scales are not cheap – just inexpensive! The load cells are made from stainless steel, instead of aluminum. The Digital indicators are fully programmable and graphic. The scales are rugged and durable.